Contract for Consignment


Thank you for choosing to consign with gh2, a high-fashion outlet and consignment shop. 

Below is a list of standards that we follow when accepting and selling your consignment merchandise.

Consigning Standards

  • We take current, modern clothing, however we must focus on what sells in our store. Trends come and go, we are always evolving but we like to have something for everyone. This means we take the things that we feel fit in our store. Please allow us to choose. 
    • A good rule for current clothing is this: the highest end or most couture items of new or like-new quality, in the most current season’s style sell the fastest. 
    • All items are subject to the buyers’ approval. We reserve the right to pass on items at any time for any reason before or during the selling period. 
    • All items will be priced at our discretion and are subject to change at any time.
  • All items must arrive dry-cleaned and on hangers (if appropriate). Merchandise must be in excellent condition.
  • We will not accept any items that are dirty, flawed, stained, scuffed and/or no designer/brand.   
  • gh2 is not responsible for loss or damage incurred while items are in store. We will do our best to keep your items safe. 
  • If at any time you choose to remove your items from our care, please call at least 24-48 hours in advance for us to remove them from our inventory. 

Sale Procedure

  • After 30 days in store, gh2 has the option to mark your item(s) down 25% if they see fit. 
  • After 3 months in store, gh2 has the option to mark your item(s) down 50% if they see fit.
  • Each season we have a 90% off sale. If your item(s) surpass 60 days in our possession we will carefully review them to determine if they will or will not be included in the sale. 
  • Items are also subject to periodic sales and promotions.
  • If you do not want your item(s) subject to markdowns or donation, you are responsible for picking up remaining merchandise prior to these dates.
  • You are responsible for keeping track of your inventory timeline. We will NOT contact you
  • We are unable to notify you of any markdowns.


  • You will receive 50% of the selling price from items sold if you choose to receive payment in the form of a check.
  • You will receive 60% of the selling price from items sold if you choose to receive payment in the form of store credit at either gh2 or Grethen House (choose one or the other.)
  • Consignees will receive an itemized list of what sold during the previous month along with a check OR an invoice of store credit issued on the 15th of each month.


gh2 proudly donates unsold items on our customer's’ behalf. Consigned items will receive a selling period of at least 90 days. Some items will have extended selling periods due to seasonal appropriateness or other variables. We are committed to giving your items an opportunity to sell at both full and sale prices before donating them. Note: You are responsible for keeping track of how long your items have been here.